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Are your gears turning? Or perhaps we could your GEAR turning heads? If they are...great! If not...why not? There are thoughts inside begging to get out. Whether your message is a clear, concise, representation of your business, school, or group, or it is a celebration of the lack of direction you are currently employing, it is important to have that message in front of people.

JCAR Logo Gear specializes in the placement of your image where people can see it best...on apparel, vehicles, paper products, and other widgets and gadgets. Contact us today and let our gears mesh with yours. Together we will get this machine called success running full speed!


"My work is play. And I play when I design. I even looked it up in the dictionary, to make sure that I actually do that, and the definition of 'play', number one, was 'engaging in a childlike activity or endeavor,' and number two, was 'gambling.' And I realize I do both when I'm designing."

--Paula Scher

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